Wednesday, June 24, 2009

The Gift of Difficult Times

I can't deny it - the economic slide we're in has caused me more than a little worry. Will there be enough work for me? How long will this last? Can I support myself like this for much longer?
But, honestly, I have personally seen a silver lining in all this. Sounds trite, but - if I'm being honest - it has been somewhat refreshing and satisfying to think about expenses and necessities with fresh eyes. At moments, I've looked around and thought - I really do have enough shoes and I really didn't need HBO on my cable. I am committed to living a good life - but I see that a good life might just be a little less cluttered than my old life. This paring down to the essentials is what I'm thinking of as the gift of difficult times. And for this gift, I am grateful.

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